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Wizbang was founded by active, fun loving and adventurous Montanans in 2006. We are so fortunate to live in this great state and enjoy all the activities it has to offer. We needed active wear to match our lifestyles and after searching high and low, Wizbang was born. We love wearing our products and often match our hats, headband, skirts, arm sleeves and neck gaiters to our outfits! Your old coat will appear new every year with the help of our colorful products!

Active happens year round… Wizbang does too! Our brilliant hats, headbands, skirts, arm sleeves and neck gaiters are athletic, moisture wicking and stay put so you can take them anywhere. We believe our products are as tough, practical and hardworking as you are.  There is a product available for all lifestyles.

Where did Wizbang get it’s lively name? When the founder fell as a little one, her grandfather would say, “Wizbang!” When she started the business, it only seemed natural to name it after such a fond memory.

About the Head Honcho

Multi-generational Montanan. Graduated from the University of Montana along with her husband.  Loves the outdoors and participating or watching all sports.  Pam and her husband Brent have 3 daughters and a world famous chocolate lab named Molly. Their family participated and continues to participate in various activities… soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, cross country, track, volleyball, triathlons, biking, hiking, skiing, and crossfit. Whew have they ever traveled!

Deciding to purchase Wizbang Hats this year was a direct reflection on their families need for these products.  Pam is excited to have workout apparel that can be washed and it still retains it’s size and shape.  Although, she can’t say the same for her:)!  Might be her love of desserts and the half n half in her coffee each morning.

Some random and fun facts about Pam… she stays busy cooking Gluten Free food for her family, attends year round sporting events, plays tennis, hikes, loves to mountain and road bike, tries to keep up with technology, church goer, knows random health facts, enjoys boating on Flathead Lake, played hockey, went skydiving, did triathlons, loves talking and  traveling, snorkeling and ziplining, bonfires, volunteer barista in high school, “speaks spanglish”, loves camping, laughing, roasting marshmallows, decorating for holidays, quit golf,  loves architecture and home decor, eating raw cookie dough, stand up paddle boarding, favorite colors this year are brown and grey, loves dancing, wake surfing,  enjoys all people, can’t keep a car fueled or clean, and makes some mean caramel corn (grandma’s recipe)!

She has fond memories of growing up in the Big Sky State of Montana.  I am really good at the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” only I come up with connections on how we might know each other through various people!  Makes the “Big Sky” state feel like a “Small World”.

Our Story: Our Story
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